Crew Missions Training Program.

CMT Training

This program is designed to prepare attendees to play a valuable role in disaster relief and humanitarian aid missions.  Upon successful completion of the CMT program, graduates will be eligible to participate in Friend Ships overseas missions and US based disaster relief.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion. In order to prepare for missions, Friend Ships believes that one must be prepared physically, practically and spiritually.  The CREW MISSIONS TRAINING Program (CMT) works to that end.

CMT - Frequently Asked Questions

      • When does the next session star? February 7, 2011
      • How long does CMT last? 6 Months
      • Where will the training be held? At Port Mercy in Lake Charles Louisiana, where you will also receive room and board.
      • What will I learn? Depending on the department in which you work, you will learn  maritime skills, engineering skills, basic food service, fire safety, first aid, self-defense and various methods of ministering to those in need.
      • How will I prepare physically?  You will be asked to set a challenging fitness goal and establish a plan to achieve it during your 6 months of training. Our staff will assist you with this.  You will be expected to make regular progress toward attaining your goal.
      • How will I prepare practically? You will learn the skills of the department in which you work.  You will also receive training in various other skills that will be helpful to a disaster relief mission.
      • How will I prepare spiritually? On a practical level, you will be tested and hence, strengthened by the hard work, long hours, basic living condition, communal living and teamwork aspects of the program.  You will study the scriptures that pertain to helping those in need and following the call on your life.  You will study books and watch videos that have been selected to build you spiritually and teach you to come into a particular vision and work as part of a team to accomplish that vision. Your department head will help you to handle the challenges you face in a way that will prepare you for the mission field.
      • What will I do each day? You will work at least 6 days a week, at least 8 hours a day, in one of the following departments:  food service, housekeeping, deck, engine or grounds keeping, or warehousing.  You will attend a 1/2 hour Bible Study & prayer meeting each morning prior to starting work.  Each week on some evenings, you will have designated training classes, reading assignments during the week, be expected to work with our staff to set a fitness goal and work toward attaining it.  You will attend evening seminars and training classes conducted by special guests on a variety of subjects relative to missions training. You will have a weekly meeting with your supervisor to pray together, evaluate your progress and discuss areas that may need improvement. 
      • What does it cost? If you are accepted to the program, there is no tuition. However, you will need to purchase a uniform and some books.  You will also be responsible for traveling to and from Port Mercy. You will be responsible for your own medical expenses and immunizations.
      • How do I apply? Click here, and fill out this application and submit it to Friend Ships by mail.  We prefer to communicate in writing so if you have questions, please email all your questions and the CMT coordinator will respond to you.
      • How do I qualify? This program is for Christians who are solid and mature. It is for those who are ready to work in the mission field, selflessly giving of themselves and receiving nothing in return.  You must be in good health.  You will need to provide a reference letter from your Pastor. If you are serving in another ministry, you need to provide a letter from that ministry in which you are currently serving, releasing you to take this training.  Your training will be "on the job" and in order to prepare you for the conditions routinely faced in Disaster Relief. You need to be willing to live and work long hours and in adverse conditions without complaint.  You need to be flexible and willing to work in a team, under a strict chain of command with respect to those in authority.  You need to be able to live and work among people from different cultures, different nations, and different denominational backgrounds.  You will live aboard ship, have at least one roommate and share common shower and rest room facilities.  You may not have access to the Internet on the Port Mercy property.  When and if you do have access to the Internet, we will give certain guidelines on what is permissible to post on social networks relative to Friend Ships.  You may not have air conditioning.  You will eat communally and will not have a choice of diet. You will not be able to work any type of outside job.  You must be able and willing to work 6 days a week and at times, and if and when on a mission, 7 days a week. There will be no vacation breaks during the 6 months of training.  Please be advised that Port Mercy has several large guard dogs and you must not be frightened by dogs. You must be prepared to arrive with an open return travel ticket for when the time comes for you to return home. You must have medical insurance and be able to purchase books and some uniform items. It is not necessary to have any achieved any particular level of education including a high school diploma, however, it is necessary to read and write English.

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