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Hear from some of the Team Members on the mission:

A Nurse on the Medical Team:  One 12 year old boy comes to my mind often.  His name is "Jimmy", and I will forever remember him because he was in pretty rough shape and heavily infested with "Scabies".  I never really did figure out if he had any parents to speak of because he only came alone.  Initially, he came to the clinic to see who we were, and after I suggested some medication for his infestation, he gladly took it and left the camp.  Each day, he would return and try hard to work his way into my tent and watch me see patients.  At one point, I asked him what he would like from me and he quietly responded that he needed a bible.  Sadly, all of our bibles were gone and there were none to be had.  And yet, I found my way to the person who was in charge of the bible distribution and hoped that there might be one more.  When I began to share my story about "Jimmy" and how my heart hurt for him.  She attentively listened and started to smile.  Ever so carefully, she walked away and pulled out from way beneath a deep dry bag, her last and final children's bible.  I can honestly say that I have never been so proud to give anyone a gift.  It was huge and filled with many pictures.  In fact, the edges of the pages were gilded in gold.  Jimmy had no shoes ever.  His feet were cut and scraped from running around on the rocks that cover the earth there.  His skin was scabbed and weeping to the point that I was reminded of how Job must have felt when his pain was so severe that he  scraped his sores with broken pottery.  And yet, now Jimmy would have a beautiful bible all to himself.  As soon as I handed it to him, he immediately grabbed it and started running away from the site.  I wondered if I would ever see him again.  After about 30 minutes he returned to tell me that he had run and tucked it away in a special hiding place where no one would be able to find it and steal it.  There are other stories too, but perhaps it is enough to say it was a tremendous growing experience for me.  I made many new friends and I did my best to serve God in the mission field with limited resources.  Many people came to know Christ in Honduras, which I still find amazing and God used me to facilitate some of these exchanges.  -Gina-


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Updated June 2004