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  • 5 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, fire fighting gear, 1 freezer trailer and 69 bundles of heavy-duty tarp material were donated to the government of Haiti.

  • 1 fire truck and 1 ambulance were delivered to Smile of A Child Children’s Hospital being constructed in Carrefour Haiti.

  •  415,000 lbs of food including rice, pinto beans, kidney beans, raisins, dry milk, drinking water and miscellaneous food items, 150,000 lbs of clothing, 30,000 lbs of furniture, 10,000 lbs of Christian literature, 3,000 lbs of personal care items and 35,000 lbs of medical supplies were delivered to Haiti.  Food, clothing and other items is now being distributed among these orphanages and/or given to the following churches for distribution to the needy and/or distributed in the following disaster zones:

  1. Christ est la reponse
  2. Pastuer Daniel
  3. Bois Cayman Mission
  4. Pastor Vital pour Morne Rouge
  5. Mme et von Ms
  6. Fr Dieusoit
  7. Pasteur Bonel cayes
  8. Pastor Gabril
  9. Pasteur Odile Pascale
  10. Sr. Marco
  11. Pasteur Lubin
  12. Philippe Murply
  13. Pasteur Gezilorme
  14. Gospel Crusade
  15. Pasteur Cadet
  16. Pasteur Roger Opon
  17. Toussaint Gessel
  18. Fr. Joel Louis
  19. Pasteur Gabiel Wilrick
  20. Soldat de Christ
  21. Pasteur Benisoit in Cite soleil
  22. Association de la Jeunesse
  23. Fr. Francois-Mochrenha
  24. Pastor Bernard Merilan
  25. Marianai Church-Pasteur Emmanuel
  26. Jeremie Church-Pasteur St. Avoir
  27. Lazile Distribution- St. Val
  28. Waney Church
  29. Pastor Ravix at Lamentin Church
  30. Association of Mountain Pastors
  31. Pastor Arthur
  32. Gonaives Disaster Area
  33. Mairie de Carrefour
  34. Mairie de Port-au-Prince
  35. Fond Verette Disaster Area
  36. Lamentin Population Distribution
  37. Pasteur porphete Thiote et Mapou Disaster Area
  38. Fr. Polnquet et ses assistants
  39. Fr Innocent pour ses travailleurs
  40. Fr. Jean Secutiry
  41. Fr. Joubert
  42. Les Alerts
  43. Fr. Francois Lamentin
  44. Sr. Sauveur
  45. Pasteur Belinois et ses travaileurs
  46. Friend Ships medical outreach

The remaining food, clothing, furniture, Christian literature, personal care items and medical supplies continue to be distributed to various schools, churches and orphanages for use in their programs and/or are being utilized in Grace International ongoing medical, orphanage, widow and school programs.

 $800,000 worth of medication was utilized in the Friend Ships medical outreach and/or is being currently utilized in medical programs servicing the needy throughout Haiti.  The disaster area of Mapou has submitted a list of 70 people who were given medications there and are now completely well.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of pounds of goods were taken aboard ship, transported and delivered for the following organizations serving the poor in Haiti:

  • Abundant Life Church
  • All the Children are Children
  • Caring and Sharing
  • Children’s Care Outreach
  • Dove Christian Center
  • Global Missions
  • Harvest Hour Revivals
  • Haiti Missions Inc.
  • Metro Ministries
  • Timmy Foundation
  • Servants of All Ministry
  • Sacre Coeur
  • Shepherd’s Village

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Updated April 2005