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Spirit of Grace sailed for Port au Prince, Haiti on January 16th and returned home February 19th, mission accomplished!  We spent three incredible weeks in Haiti. The first week, we served hundreds of pastors from around the nation in a conference to encourage and strengthen them to take Haiti for Jesus.  We held the world premiere of “God’s Story” in Haitian Creole and provided each pastor with a video and audio copy to take home and utilize in personal ministry to advance the Kingdom. During the conference the pastors were provided with free medical, dental and eye care. At the end of the week they were given clinic tickets to distribute to the neediest people in their communities. For the next two weeks the patients came in droves, surrounding the gate to the compound where we worked, they waited for hours to get a chance to see the health care providers. We delivered many tons of emergency vehicles, food, clothing and other needed items to our national partner, Grace International, for  distribution to people in the parts of Haiti that need it most. We thank God for the team that He clearly brought together with Friend Ships: Smile of a Child (www.tbn.org), Grace International, God’s Story Project (www.gods-story.org), Ministry OPS, ALERT Academy (www.alertacademy.com), Metro Ministries (www.metroministires.com), God Chasers Network (www. godchasers.net), many other groups and doctors, nurses, dentists, pilots and relief workers.  W.O.W. Ministries (www.winningrworld.com) also joined with us and provided beautiful puppets for children’s outreach.

All members of the team had a chance to use their gifts to glorify God.  Even our UN Sri Lankan guards were blessed by what they saw happening.  Several of them asked for Bibles to find out more about what we believe and why we were doing this mission. The Lord opened the hearts of Haiti to us.  What an honor and privilege to be used by Him to bring hope and encouragement to our struggling brothers and sisters!  Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement to us.  Thank you for your gifts that made this possible.

Finally, another great miracle is our newest addition to Text Box: Stuart back at work 
the fleet, a beautiful 206B Bell Jet Helicopter to be used for our work among the poor, given to Friend Ships by Paul Crouch of  Trinity Broadcasting Network.  The last two years, we have been blessed to be able to utilize an R44 helicopter “Angel of Hope” in our relief efforts. The R44 is not now available for use but in its place, God has provided this beautiful blessing!

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