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Hope and Mersea arrived at Port Mercy in Lake Charles on Saturday June 17th after a wonderful mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  They traveled 1509 miles.

Monday, June 19th Report

Hope and Mersea arrived at Port Mercy in Lake Charles on Saturday June 17th after a wonderful mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  They traveled 1509 miles.

2,854 patients examined, treated and given medicine.HAITI MEDICAL MISSION 2006 ACHIEVEMENTS -

  • 2,854 patients examined, treated and given medicine.

  • 2,122 patients seen for reading glasses.

  • 222 patients seen by the masseuse and/or chiropractor.

  • 66 dental patients treated, most having 2 teeth pulled.

  • 4,269 people fed.

  • Hundreds and hundreds of salvations!

The Lord's perfect timing of release for our supplies started Tuesday evening when two Haitian trucks filled to the brim with rice, beans, fire fighting equipment, food, toys, clothing, vitamins and medicine delivered their wares to the Smile of a Child site and to the Episcopal Church of Haiti/St. The roll back truck carrying a well drilling rig.Vincent's Handicapped School.  Our first trip included a convoy of two trucks loaded with food and teddy bears for SOAC and St. Vincent's and the roll back truck carrying a well drilling rig. Two more subsequent convoys were made delivering a huge generator, two 5000 gallon water tanks and many other wonderful items.  On the return trips, we brought the medical and site containers back to the ship to be reloaded and brought home. 

The ships set sail early Thursday afternoon.  The first few days were spent in side-to-side rolls with a following sea. 


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Haiti Mission Summary of the second week of medical mission:

Medical container clinics set up and patients being seen...It's been a great week in Haiti.  A total of 1626 medical patients were seen. Conditions ranged from terminally ill patients, severely burned patients, pneumonia, abscesses, typhoid, dehydration, malnutrition and much more.  On top of that, almost 1400 people were seen by the reading glass personnel.  Many UN Sri Lankan soldiers also received eye glasses.  The Food Ministry team fed an average of 425 people a day with a grand total for the week of 2126. The chiropractor and masseuse saw about 35 patients each day.

One day a 40 year old stroke patient walked in needing assistance. She was prayed with for total healing and the patient was able to walk out, albeit slowly, holding her son's hand without receiving physical treatment.  To God be the glory!!  At least 125 people accepted Christ during the week. Both Jan Crouch and Fred Boettcher presented Bibles to the Firemen and Team Elite men.  Jan also toured the medical containers and talked with the doctors.  The Haitian Team Elite and Firemen volunteers did a wonderful job controlling the crowds and moving the people. Throughout the week during Children's Ministry kept the children busy while learning many godly principles. The Tent Ministry included singing, preaching, God's Story and praying.

A closing ceremony to thank all the Haitian volunteers was held.  Then some of the volunteers expressed how deeply grateful they were to Friend Ships for helping their country and how being around the Friend Ships crew impacted them greatly. The Haitian volunteers sang songs of praise to the Lord and a UN Sri Lankan soldier sang a song in his own language of Sinhalese.  The site has now been pulled down and loading of equipment has started.  Work continues at the ships with guard duty, domestics, and meals being prepared.  We have such a wonderful team and an AWESOME GOD!

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Friday, June 2nd Report:  We have completed the final day of the outreach! We saw 300 or more patients and fed about 100 workers and crew plus all the patients.

This was our final day of medical outreach and at the close of the day we started to pack up the site.  We will transport our equipment back to the ship, complete distribution of the supplies and head home early next week!

It has been a great mission and we thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support.

Please continue to check back here for the final updates and daily reports as the ships sail home.

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Children's ministry included sack races and some of the children's favorite games.Thursday, June 1st Report:  Another busy day at the outreach site! 366 patients were seen. A terminally ill woman accepted Christ. Several sick babies were given IV fluids and responded well.  Our eye department saw 300 patients. We also had the privilege of issuing eye glasses to many of our UN guards. 

The construction crew have a practice of singing Gospel songs before they eat lunch.  Today we invited them to sing in the big tent for all the patients. Then Pastor Wilson distributed Bibles and was overwhelmed by the amount of people who came to receive them. Children's ministry included sack races and some of the children's favorite games.

We received great news that we have the final permission to unload all the supplies on the ships.  Smile of  A Child has decided to share many items with a wonderful ministry that helps handicapped children.

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Wednesday, May 31st Report:  Today 330 medical patients were seen.  It was a really good day with a good atmosphere.  The chiropractor and masseuse have been seeing about 35 patients each day.  Today a 40 year old patient, who has had 2 strokes in the last 6 years and also recently lost a child, needed help to walk in for a chiropractic treatment.  She was prayed for, for total healing and then she was able to walk out, albeit slowly, holding her son's hand without physical treatment from the chiropractor! To God be the glory!! A little baby that was seen Monday for pneumonia and given prayer and medicine, returned today and is doing much better.  Also the little burned girl seen earlier is much improved due to prayer and medications. The eye dispensers also saw about 250 people.
Children coloring...
In the Tent Ministry, the girls colored while their parents watched God's Story. Even the firemen were sitting down and coloring next to the children.  They also had an 'unusual' sack race. The leaders had the girls form 5 lines for sack races.  They formed such nice lines!  However, when those racing with sacks on took off, the entire mob behind them chased after them instead of waiting for the sack to return!

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The Haitian Fire Dept. was involved with the Boys' Children's Ministry.  Tuesday, May 30th Report:  An even busier day on the site today! 340 medical patients were seen.  Again, many people were ministered to spiritually and hundreds of Bibles were distributed. The team had one severely burned patient who is being treated and a child with typhoid.

The Haitian Fire Dept. was involved with the Boys' Children's Ministry.  He marched them up and down, which they thought was pretty cool.  The firemen did a demonstration with their fire trucks and the boys came running over to see.

We have medical doctors, chiropractic treatments, and eye glass services.  Prayer teams pray with patients before and after receiving treatments. While people wait, they are able to watch movies such as Godís Story, which is the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They receive a meal and various basic health training classes that are relevant to their situation and there is also childrenís ministry.



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Monday, May 29th Report:  Monday was the first day of the second week of medical outreach and we had the largest crowd so far. The forty Haitian Firemen and Alert volunteers did a wonderful job controlling the crowds and moving people to the proper places. 240 medical patients were seen. Many people made a decision to follow Christ after hearing a Gospel message.

One patient who visited our clinic needs a heart operation.  This, of course, is beyond our ability to perform at the mobile clinic.  The medical team prayed that the Lord would make a way for him and one of our guest medical providers is going to research possibilities for his treatment in Miami, Florida. In addition to general medical care, this week we are offering chiropractic services and massage treatments. The eye glass dispensers provided glasses for at least 200 patients throughout the day.

Bibles were given out. Lunch was fed to the workers, patients, and crew. Children's ministry was conducted. The Haitian and US Alert teams practiced drills together with Joel Soape, who was one of the men who originally trained the Haitian Alert team last year during the Friend Ships medical clinic.

We are happy to report that our four guest doctors love the new medical clinics built inside twenty foot shipping containers. These were completed by our staff just before this mission. The doctors said they are well stocked with items in the right spot, exactly where they need them.  One doctor said that they were better than the hospital she works in!!!  At the end of the day the medical staff was blessed when Jan Crouch took them out to dinner.

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Saturday, May 27th Many patients were seen and it wasn't even the scheduled medical outreaches...Report:  More medical patients and eyeglass patients were seen.  The painting and clean up was completed at the Guest House.

The Children's Ministry had about 100 children present.  After the program was completed, ALL the children lined up in an orderly fashion for a meal of red beans, rice and corn on the cob.  During the ministry programs, the teachers have been instructing the children to form lines, to stay in line and how to be ladies and gentlemen.  Our teachers were very excited to see the fruits of their labor.  If we would have tried to feed all the children earlier in the week, it would have been chaos.  The smallest children were at the front of the line because they appeared to have the greatest need, and we were afraid we would run out of food.  But just like Jesus feeding the 5000, Jesus multiplied the food and 300 ate.
After everyone was fed, the kids and adults played some one-on-one games like hand slapping, spinning around and around, jump rope and more. A fun time was had by all.We fed the 100 children who participated in the children's ministry, 100 crew and workers, and 100 children from neighboring areas came when they saw the food come out!!  Around 3:00 p.m., after everyone was fed, the kids and adults played some one-on-one games like hand slapping, spinning around and around, jump rope and more. A fun time was had by all.

There was also a lot of work to prepare for the last medical outreaches that begin on Monday morning.

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Thursday, May 25th Report:  Twenty-five to thirty medical and eyeglass patients were seen. Seventy-five eyeglass patients seen last week returned today for their glasses.  They each came with a hand written note of the prescription needed.  Last week when these people were examined, the glasses were not available.
Danette teaching ballet to the girls...
The children gathered for the Children's Ministry which continued on with the same program: a bible story, separating the boys and girls and then doing that particular gender game, etc.  Teddy bears were also given out to the boys and girls.

Hot lunch foods were able to be given to the orphanage at the compound. One of our guest crew members was asked to be the International Director of Simon's Clinic/Outreach which takes in homeless children, teaches them about Jesus, takes them to church, gives them an education, and feeds and houses them.

The crew who remain working on the ships are doing great work cleaning very thoroughly!  One crewmember said, "I've washed every step on the ship.  That's a good feeling!"   As usual our wonderful cooks continue to produce yummy meals. The Haitian crew continues to paint the underside of the helicopter deck.  All in all, another wonderful day.

HAITI 2006 MISSION - past mission reports


Dr. Maria with a patient...Wednesday, May 24th Report:  As the "non-medical" week continues, we report that on Wednesday, 35 patients were seen for eye glasses. The medical staff saw 28 people, many of which were the construction workers and their families. These workers are helping build the Smile of a Child hospital. The main ailments the staff sees are malnutrition, diarrhea, worms, scabies and all the common tropical diseases. Treating malaria, typhoid and hepatitis are also often done. One boy has asthma and hasn't had any medicine for a year.  He received some today!

The children's programs continue. And is increasing in size!  After a Bible story, the girls and boys were again split up.  The girls went to ballet class with their teachers Mademoiselle Danette and Sarah.  All the girls love and greatly appreciate the lessons.  Earlier this week the expected 10 girls turned into 45! Then 65! They all received teddy bears. Then on Wednesday about 100 came!  The boys have been focusing on order, discipline and following rules. The boys also played soccer, plus the Alert teams taught them skills such as marching, staying in ranks and saluting.

More progress has taken place in the guest house and now the top floor is ready for painting.  Each day the Food Service has fed about 80 people hot meals for lunch.

We praise God that so much is being accomplished, for His Glory.

 - Top -

We are also helping with construction of the Smile of A Child hospital and doctor's quarters. Tuesday, May 23rd:  Even though this is not a "medical service week", Dr. Maria and some of the nurses saw about 15 construction worker patients and some others.  About 100 people were fed lunch, including our crew, and construction workers.  We have a team busy working at the construction site at the hospital.  The Kid's Ministry had about 50 kids.  They played games, listened to a Bible story, the boys played soccer, and the girls had ballet classes. It was a fun time.

About 35-40 people were seen by DJ for glasses.  If there were no reading glasses available, they received sunglasses.  An interpreter sat down in DJ's chair and said, "Do me!"  She replied with, "What do you want me to do?"  He said, "Pray for me."  So DJ asked, "What do you want Jesus to do for you today?"  He said, "I want Jesus in my heart."  She led him in the sinner's prayer and he prayed in Creole.  Hallelujah!!!

There is working going on at the guest house with a lot of painting and cleaning.  Work progresses on both ships with lots of scraping and painting projects while at dock.


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Ministered to almost 1000 patients, providing their needed medicine, lunch, spiritual food and love! Monday, May 22nd:  We've completed the first week of medical outreach and were blessed to be able to treat and minister to almost 1000 patients, providing their needed medicine, lunch, spiritual food and love!  We had medical doctors, dentists, a masseuse, and personnel to check vision and distribute reading glasses.  While waiting for treatment, patients watched the powerful movie God's Story, saw puppet shows, mime presentations, sang songs, heard Gospel messages and received much prayer. This week our team is preparing for another session of medical outreaches beginning on May 29th with a trip to a remote village this coming Sunday to assist UN doctors. We are also helping with construction of the Smile of a Child hospital and Each patient received tender loving care, was prayed for and offered lunch.doctor's quarters.

Our first team of medical providers flew home on Saturday. They were such a blessing! Saturday we will welcome another team to join those who are with us for the entire three weeks. Thank you, friends, for supporting this effort.  Many people are being ministered to physically and spiritually.  God is being glorified.

Flag Day in Haiti, a new day and new beginning with a new President.May 19th was Flag Day in Haiti.  A new President elected in Haiti on this new day bringing new beginnings.  The clinics continue to go well. For those who were unable to see a doctor, we distributed multi-vitamins, iron pills and a worming medication, all of which are very important needs in Haiti. Fifty children attended the first official "Kid's Only" ministry. This included a puppet show, games, songs and a Bible story. The God's Story video has been shown to the patients waiting for consultation. The big (92' x 48') tent was put up with help from the Carrefour fire department.  We were blessed by a United Nations Sri Lankan doctor and his nurses who donated their time and also the use of an ambulance to provide transportation for two patients to the hospital. We are also blessed to have the UN troops providing security escorts for our trucks and personnel as we travel the chaotic and uneasy streets of Port-au-Prince.

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Preparing soap for patients...Monday, May 15th was our first official day of seeing patients at the medical clinics. It was a great day. We have medical providers from Australia, Haiti and the U.S.  Each patient received tender loving care, was prayed for and offered lunch. Jan Crouch, President of Smile of a Child and co-founder of TBN Christian television network was here today visiting the ships and touring the SOAC compound in Carrefour where we are holding the medical campaign. Jan was an encouragement to all and her team filmed the operation so look for a SOAC special on TBN highlighting the work here and the progress on the fine hospital Jan's organization is building.

Both ships are at dock and have unloaded the medical containers and transported 3 of them to the site. On Wednesday, May 10th the ships arrived safely in Haiti. The weather was good for the voyage and the seas calm. Our crew is doing great and excited to begin pouring out God's love on the people of Haiti. It is a complex time in Haiti as an interim government leaves office. The new cabinet was sworn in on the 9th and the new executive branch of the government was inaugurated on Sunday the 14th. This change caused some unforeseen delays for us but, as always, the Lord made a way.  Last minute paperwork and permissions have been proceeding. Although we have so far been unable to unload all our equipment for the mission, we do have all four medical containers on site.

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Friend Ships will be sailing our ships Hope and Mersea to Haiti May 1st.  In order to provide medical services, deliver supplies and host a construction team that will work on the Smile of a Child hospital just outside of Port-au-Prince HaitiOn Tuesday, May 2nd, the Lord sent His ships Hope and Mersea to sea, bound for Haiti.  The ships carry four mobile medical units and a complete set-up to host hundreds of people each day for eleven days of medical services. We have medicine to treat 5000 people, medical and dental equipment, a 100 KW generator, tents, a mobile kitchen, three trucks, a children's puppet theatre, high quality audio visual equipment to present God's Story and other Christian films to patients as they wait for care.  We have chairs, tables, pumps, porta potties, hand wash stations, mobile water tanks and a water purification unit. We even have a helicopter to help with transportation of personnel and supplies. In addition to the outreach equipment and supplies, the ships will deliver rice and beans for 100,000 meals, clothing, thousands of  pairs of eye glasses, fire fighting gear, toys, ten dialysis machines, and almost one million fish oil and vitamin E capsules!  We have giant water tanks, fuel tanks and a huge generator to power the hospital. We even have a beautiful drilling rig to make wells at the Smile of a Child Hospital.


Mounting windows...

New medical containers are being fabricated for this upcoming mission to Haiti...

New mobile medical clinics for upcoming mission to Haiti...

Buffing the inside stainless steel walls...

Friends, it was incredible as we prepared for this mission, how things seem so impossible. Where will the people to help us come from? How can we obtain all the goods we need?  How can we afford to purchase fuel at such a high price?  But as we forge ahead with prayer, each need fell into place!  It is so exciting to experience the hand of God at work. All we have to do is be willing and have faith in Jesus.  Find out how you can help!

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Past Haiti Mission - 2005



Construction Project In Haiti:

Friend Ships is currently screening applicants for Smile of a Child in order to have helpers work on the construction of the hospital. Please note that successful applicants that go to Haiti for this project will be working for an independent contractor volunteering his services for Smile of A Child. They will not be volunteering directly for Friend Ships.

Currently needed are Construction workers, plumbers, and electricians.  If you would like to volunteer, click here to down load your construction worker application, attach a resume with your skills and experience and be sure to let us know when you would like to volunteer, for how long you can volunteer and if you are able to provide your own air fare to and from Haiti.

If you are selected to work in Haiti on any other part of the mission, or sail with us on a vessel, you will be volunteering for Friend Ships at those times.


You Can Help

If you are interested in participating in this mission and are in the field of:

  1. Construction - Click here to fill out a guest worker application with the same information as designated above.

  2. The Haiti mission is currently in progress so we are not taking actual crew for this mission but you can still help in these ways:

    • Prayer for this mission to Haiti.

    • Contribute funds towards this mission to Haiti, you can donate online (click here).

Friend Ships

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 Current Items Needed for Haiti Mission 2006

This Haiti mission is currently in progress so we are not accepting supplies at this time but you can still help in these ways:

  • Prayer for this mission to Haiti.

  • Contribute funds towards this mission to Haiti, you can donate online (click here).






Past Haiti Mission - 2005

Distribution Report - Haiti Mission January 2005

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