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SPECAL CELEBRATION: Attention all Friends of Friend Ships, former crew and Sea Hawks- September 28th-October 3, 2015, Friend Ships will host a celebration of our 30 year anniversary! We believe the best way to celebrate is by accomplishing projects needed to prepare us for the upcoming missions to Honduras, Haiti, Cuba and Israel! Come help us for a week as we work on the ships and equipment, completing many of the tasks necessary to be ready for the voyages. On October 2nd, 30 years to the day that we received the donation of the Spirit Ship in 1985, we'll have a wonderful party to praise and thank the Lord for all He has done. If you are able to join us, so that we have room to house everyone and appropriate projects planned, please RSVP click here to email Colleen. Who could have imagined all the victories the Lord would allow us to experience and all the thousands of hand prints of His saints that would join together to create them? Come on over to Port Mercy and help us celebrate!

CURRENT MISSION UPDATE: The Friend Ships team is now fully engaged in preparing for a multi-faceted upcoming mission we are planning for January through April of next year. We will provide medical and dental care, food, clothing and disaster relief training in three of the neediest countries of our hemisphere, Honduras, Cuba and Haiti. We plan to stay three weeks in each country, two weeks providing medical services and the third week offering community emergency response training for church and community members. And at the same time we prepare for this three-country medical and disaster relief training missions, Friend Ship Courageous continues to prepare for Israel. Read more>>> TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR SEA HAWKS: April 6, is the cut off for receiving applications for the April 13th intake, please email or contact us if you are applying.  For more information about the Sea Hawks and to download the application, click here>>>
FREE EBOOKS NOW AVAILABLE: Friend Ships has made available four E-books for free download at Smashwords. "Why Give" is a review of the many scriptures in the Bible that tell us how God wants us to respond to the needs of the poor, what He Himself does for them and what rewards there are for this service. "How to Provide Food for People in Need" gives guidance on starting and operating a food distribution program, detailing what we have learned in our thirty years of collecting food and distributing it here in the U.S. "From Jesus With Love" is a basic introduction to relief missions for youth and "Ready Response" outlines possibilities and what to consider when taking a team to help in the Part 2, Jesus & Companyaftermath of a disaster. We hope these books will be a blessing and encouragement to people who would like to work in relief missions. By Don & Sondra Tipton AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: We have "Jesus & Co., Part 1" and The "Jesus & Co., Part 2" Books or audio available to purchase. For more information and how to order, click here>>>

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