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Travel with us across the world.  You'll discover the places where Friend Ships has "Been There and Done That."

Friend Ships
What have we Accomplished?


In its first ten years of operations, beginning with $38, prayer and desire, Friend Ships has delivered over 100 million dollars worth of supplies, equipment, food, clothes and medicine, both in the USA and abroad. 

People in war torn and natural disaster areas, children in orphanages, the elderly, the out-of-work, and homeless, all have benefited from goods supplied to them by Friend Ships.

Although many of those receiving life-saving help from Friend Ships never even see the ship that carried the help across the sea to their country or the hands of the crew who lovingly worked to make the delivery possible, pallets of supplies bear this simple message that explains all they need to know. In six different languages the sticker states, "From Jesus With Love."


From our West Coast USA headquarters each week, groceries from Friend Ships' "Storehouse One" are delivered by area churches to the poor and elderly in their neighborhoods to supplement 150,000 meals per week!

Not only do crew members distribute unbelievable amounts of material and food to the needy, not only do they see people's lives changed forever by having met in a personal way the God who provided for them, but crew members also experience personal miracles in their own lives. No one can be part of this great movement without being blessed themselves. The inner growth and triumphs of the heart parallel the vast movement of ships and goods  transported across the seas!

Friend Ships - Been There and Done That World Map

Click on the region of interest: See living examples of how Friend Ships affects the world. Keep in mind this small world map can't begin to display the millions of pounds of blessings that go out from Friend Ships. These are the highlights and are by no means all inclusive.

Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, Central America & Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Israel and Russia and former U.S.S.R..

Updated July 2006

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