Ways to Serve - Join the Friend Ships Team!


There are countless opportunities for service with our team:

Over the years, wonderful folks, skilled and unskilled, old and young, men and women from every walk of life imaginable have joined our short or long term staff.  Each one of them began as you - wanting to make a difference! Friend Ships is the working person's ministry! It is ideal for lay people as well as the professional and the skilled to serve. All you need is to love God with all your heart and have a desire to show His love to a lost and dying world. Whether you are looking for a ministry opportunity, volunteer work, short term mission or a full-time missionary position, Friend Ships can offer you them all and even more! You can Volunteer for a short or a long period of time. This could be from a few days to a couple of weeks, several months or many years. Each of these options are a vital part of enabling Friend Ships to minister God's love to a hurting world.

At Port Mercy our headquarters in the U.S.A. You could work in the office, manage the warehouses, prepare the cargo for the ships, get involved in food ministry and much more. Click here>>>
For experienced maritime personnel, volunteer on one of our ships or boats. Click here>>>
Participate in Friend Ships On-Call Medical Volunteers - offering free medical care to those who need it most. You can Volunteer for a possible Medical Mission when there is a need. Click here>>>
Church teams interested in preparing to be an effective part of our disaster relief team for upcoming hurricane seasons. Click here>>>
All opportunities of service, for short or long term periods including the On-Call Medical Volunteers, Disaster Response Volunteers, Maritime Licensed Personnel and opportunities for a specific outreach/mission all fill out the Volunteer Application. Click here for Application>>>

If you cannot come and serve you can be apart of our "Special Forces" prayer team.


Feeling like God is calling you?
Come for a day, a week or a few months.
Wanting to give a year, two or more to missions?
Ready to say, "Here am I; Send me!"

WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! Come! Be a part of our team of volunteers who have come from all over the world to fulfill their call to:

Feed the hungry.
Clothe the naked.
Heal the sick.
Bring hope to the broken hearted.
Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!



Volunteer Application Download Volunteer Application Download Staff are committed, hard working individuals or married couples, who come from every continent and walk of life. They may serve for a short or a long period of time, two months or longer. These soldiers have had the courage to leave their comfort zones and come to live, full-time, at one of the Friend Ships facilities, on land or at sea. They work hard every day to gather, organize and load donated goods, pray for the needs of the organization, distribute food, maintain and repair ships, and carry out the administration. Some even travel across the oceans by ship to deliver blessings around the world. Staff members are the Friend Ships core group which make our programs possible.

Staff are eligible to be considered for all positions at all facilities/ships of Friend Ships. Some positions and assignments require intensive training and only staff with a two year commitment may be considered to fill them. Read about the current procedure for becoming a volunteer with Friend Ships click here >>>Email us if you have questions on becoming a staff member.


Volunteer Application Download Volunteer Application Download If you are a licensed ship's captain, officer, boatswain, engineer, deck hand, welder, pipe fitter, steward, electrician, etc., (U.S.A. or International), who is interested in serving as a volunteer with Friend Ships, without pay or benefits, we welcome you to apply. Based on the Biblical principle to love our neighbor, we collect and deliver goods at no charge. The entire organization is operated by unpaid full and part time volunteers from around the world.

Fill out your application today if you are interested in serving as a volunteer with Friend Ships. Once approved, you will be notified when positions are available for an upcoming voyage, provided you are interested and available at that time. Download the Volunteer Application.


Volunteer Application Download Volunteer Application Download A volunteer guest worker will work alongside the staff members, sharing in their meals and living quarters and building lasting friendships. These kind helpers come for a day, a weekend, a week, or up to two months. They come singly, with a friend, with a group, or with their family and from many nations and backgrounds. Like the staff crew members, these helpers offer themselves as "servants" to the needy of the world.

Guest Volunteers are a very integral part of the Friend Ships staff. They are instrumental in bolstering the staff's capabilities where they are short. They frequently assist with special projects, offer specialized skills, or simply help in the daily business of running Friend Ships. Read about the current procedure for becoming a volunteer with Friend Ships click here >>>.  Email us if you have questions on becoming a volunteer guest worker.


Ways to participate in a Friend Ships medical mission:

1. "On-Call" (1-2 weeks): Licensed health care providers (typically but not limited to: MDs, RNs, FNPs, DDSs, PAs) can apply to be included on the "Friend Ships On-Call Medical Volunteer" list. After you apply and are accepted, your name will be entered into our On-Call Medical Volunteer Database. When we have a need for health care providers, you will be contacted via email with the details of the upcoming mission. If the dates and location of the mission suit you, you would arrange for a flight to the mission site, and stay for one week (or more if you prefer). While on location, Friend Ships will provide for your food, housing and transportation. Your only cost will be air-fare.

2. Supportive/Preparatory (short term): Non-licensed or peripheral-primary care (pre-med, medical students, nursing students, LPNs, paramedics, EMTs, X-ray techs, etc) volunteers may be of use depending upon the current needs of the medical department, either at Port Mercy or in the field. (For example, an x-ray tech might be helpful if we receive a donation of an X-ray unit and it needs to be serviced or installed.) Contact the medical department to see if your skills can be of use or if you have questions. Submit your application to the Friend Ships personnel Department.

3. Full time Friend Ships crew (2 months or more) or Friend Ships Guest Worker (less than 2 months): Join Friend Ships as a regular crew member. Experience the profound effects of truly living by faith! You will be assigned a job based on the current needs of the organization at the time of application. The most important qualification for all available positions at Friend Ships is a willingness to work, learn, and to serve under authority with a Godly attitude and great flexibility. Positions available are subject to change according to the mission and available qualified staff. Full time crew membership does not guarantee that you will sail on a medical mission but you will be able to participate in the preparation of upcoming voyages. Submit your Volunteer Application Download Volunteer Application Download applications to the Friend Ships personnel Department.

Once approved, you will be notified when positions are available for an upcoming medical outreach, provided you are interested and available at that time (Short-term placement). Please email personnel if you have any questions.


Work Teams are sent by churches and schools from near and far. Adult Work Teams and Youth Groups (14 years and older) offer invaluable assistance to Friend Ships operations. Being part of an Adult or Youth Work Team is a very important way to serve with Friend Ships. Each year, many such Teams assist at our various facilities.

Lake Charles, Louisiana:

At our PORT MERCY headquarters we do have accommodations on one of our ships for out of town work teams depending on the time scheduled it may vary. We welcome volunteer teams to come for the day, weekend, week or longer depending on the availability. Most of the work activities for Teams will involve some aspect in one of these areas depending on the need Volunteer Application Download Volunteer Application Download and priority at Friend Ships.


Friend Ships also hosts Work Teams onboard the "Spirit". Though, due to circumstances and the locations of our ships, groups may not always be able to serve at those facilities on the desired dates. Please email us for more details on booking your group today. Work assignments vary but people of all skills, along with general laborers, can always be effectively utilized.

For information on bringing or sending a Church or College Work Team to any of the Friend Ships locations, please email the Gulf Coast Office, attention the Groups Coordinator.


For those who want to join with us in spirit but cannot join with us in person, becoming part of the Friend Ships "Special Forces" Prayer Team is ideal. This prayer team consistently prays for the needs of Friend Ships and its staff. The Prayer Team Leader keeps the members informed of the needs and also of the answers to specific requested prayers in addition to the activities of Friend Ships. Everyone is eligible to join - all that is required is a belief that God hears and answers prayer. For information on the Prayer Team, Please email personnel if you have any questions and put in the subject area, Attention: Special Forces.


Every year natural disasters destroy entire communities, leaving thousands of people homeless, their crops and possessions destroyed and their livestock dead.  Many are injured, separated from loved ones, lost and confused with no help and no hope.  They need assistance, food, shelter and supplies to help them make it through the devastating time.  They need to know that there are people who are concerned about them.  Our team of dedicated relief workers do all they can to show God’s love and compassion.  We plan and maintain readiness for a disaster response mission.  Many will come to know the saving grace of Jesus as a result of the teams visit.

Ways You Can Help Us:

  • Consider joining our volunteer team short-term or long-term. 
  • Help us purchase the diesel fuel we need for each ship’s mission and other regular expenses through a general donation.
  • Join the Special Forces Prayer Team and commit to pray for us.


"Friends" of Friend Ships encompass a wide variety of wonderful people who care about people in need! Friends are private donors or churches who give money to help buy fuel or cover the expenses of running Friend Ships.  Friends are companies and individuals who donate goods to aid our operations or ship overseas. How blessed we are by their overwhelming generosity! Friends are people who encourage us and love us; who let us know that they support the work we do. Yes, Friends share their ideas, resources, prayers and hopes with us. That is why we call them "Friends"!!

If you have supplies, equipment or services to donate, please email us.  If you would like to make a financial contribution, please make checks payable to "Friend Ships Unlimited" and please mail them to our Gulf Coast Office.  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

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