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Sea Hawks

TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR SEA HAWKS: The Sea Hawks program is for young men and women between the ages of 18-25. It is designed to develop an extraordinary elite force by building character spiritually, mentally and physically while being trained and participating in domestic and international relief missions.

Friend Ships is offering Sea Hawks Holy Land, a very special session of our relief missions program for young adults starting in September 2018. Following basic training, be deployed to the Middle East. Provide medical care and humanitarian aid to Syrian war victims at Camp Ichay on the border between Israel and Syria. Study the Word and tour Israel; experience the sites where Jesus and the disciples lived and worked.

Sea Hawk recruits are responsible for airfare from Houston Texas to Tel Aviv Israel (approximately $800-$1200) Please click here to email us any questions and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Click here to download the Sea Hawk Application.

Please submit your application now for review. All applications are requested to be completed and submitted by the August 31, 2018. You can send a copy of your application by email or fax, but you must mail the originals in the mail.
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What is the Sea Hawks program?

The Sea Hawks program is a 2 year intensive training program with an additional 3rd year as an intern within Friend Ships. Students may opt to attend one year of the program only.

Year one will consist of basic skills and discipleship training, as well as taking part in local missions and outreaches here in the USA, primarily within the state of Louisiana.

Year two Bible and ministry knowledge will be built upon learning and developing skills in a chosen major picked from a range of specialties within relief missions. (Food Service, Maritime, Relief Operations/Logistics/Support, Local Relief.) Students will take part in missions based upon their major which may or may not include foreign deployments.

Year three Interns will be working directly under the senior leadership of either Friend Ships and/or Sea Hawks leadership. Bible and ministry skills learned in the first two years will be tested and put into practice.

GraduatesCertification will be issued at the end of year two and is valid for 5 years, at which point it can be renewed after refresher training.

Friend Ships / Sea Hawks is not a degree granting institution and is not accredited by any agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Certification is based on CEU’s as opposed to college credits.

Sessions start each August. The program is for young men and women between the ages of 18-25. It is designed to develop an extraordinary elite force by building character spiritually, mentally and physically while being trained and participating in domestic and international relief missions.

The program serves as an opportunity for young Christians to establish core values prior to entering the workplace or mission field.

What makes the Sea Hawks elite?

A servant’s heart, a steadfast faith, a strong work ethic, a readiness to be a young leader in the work of the Kingdom. Training starts with the basics; the importance of being punctual, following guidelines, maintaining cleanliness and order personally and in their surroundings, keeping conversation and relationships pleasing to the Lord, respecting authority and all of those around them Sea Hawks grasp the importance of relationships in the rewards of being a servant, gain the earmarks of great leaders and grow to expect and receive a spiritual harvest in return for following the ways of the Lord.First Battalion 2014 Send us your youth and let us return to you one who is even greater in faith, with strong work ethics, strict personal habits, fervent in prayer, a boldness in ministry, a warm respect for the elderly, a loving hand for the poor and a heart for the needy.

Training takes place at PORT MERCY, Friend Ships Headquarters in Lake Charles, Louisiana and the course is conducted in a military-type style.

A typical day schedule consists

2 hours of physical training

2 hours of spiritual training

4 hours of practical work application

1 hour of chores

2 hours of personal Bible devotions

Some aspects of training include boot camp, daily spiritual instruction, and onsite work skill instruction.

There is a possibility of both US domestic missions and international missions.

Who can join the Sea Hawks?

The Sea Hawks program is designed for both males and females between the ages of 18 – 25 who are seeking what God has for their lives and wish to grow further intheir walk with Christ. If you are not 18 -25, Click here to find check out ways to serve with Friend ships.

What will I learn?

Strength of Character in the areas of:

  • Self-discipline

  • Obedience

  • Honor

  • Persistence

  • Integrity

  • Faithfulness

Skills one may learn include:

  • Basic food service

  • Mechanics

  • Engineering

  • Marine operations

  • Disaster relief

  • Crisis counseling

  • Inductive Bible study techniques

In short, one who joins the Sea Hawks program learns the character necessary for doing the work God created him or her to do all while he or she also learns valuable work and life skills that will equip him or her for success in answering God’s call on his or her life.

How does it work?

To Recruits:

Sea Hawks is elite mission’s training for young men and women who desire a serious challenge in devotion and serving others. An average day is 14 hours long and you will be physically trained to your maximum ability. Upon arrival, you will surrender jewelry, cell phones, make-up, computers, transportation including bicycles, and all electronics for the duration of boot camp. You will be asked to keep your parents up to date by weekly written mail.

This is a serious commitment for those who wish to develop character, learn discipline and establish a deeper walk with God. Whether you are sailing ships in the Caribbean or serving here at home, you will see and taste experiences like never before and we guarantee that your life will never be the same.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a willing and open heart. You will also be given a packing list upon being approved for the program.

How much does it cost?

Although the value of this program is considerable, entry into the Sea Hawks is not obtainable at any price. It is exclusively full scholarship. But this program is not free and it is not cheap. It demands a whole heart and full participation. Applicants are rewarded scholarships through careful review of their application and a letter expressing their love for the Lord, desire to be a part of the Sea Hawk program and a willingness to lay other things aside to study the Word, apply themselves to devotion and prayer, become physically fit, travel and serve others. Scholarships include room and board and there is no cost to those who qualify except uniforms, books, passports and shots. A medical exam is required. Medical insurance is strongly suggested.

>>> Click here to e-mail for a book and uniforms cost list.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Sea Hawks program,to download the Sea Hawks Application and submit it. Once accepted you will only be responsible for purchasing your books and uniform. It is not necessary to be a high school graduate to apply. 

>>>Click here to download the Sea Hawk Application.

>>> Please click here to e-mail to request a copy of the the Summary of Program Objectives, Structure and Guidelines for the Sea Hawks program. 

>>> Please click here to e-mail any questions and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Please if you scan a copy of your applications to make sure to mail everything in the mail as well.

Sea Hawks Application:


Please note this program is designed for young people in the transition time between school and entering the work force. If you have any questions please e-mail us to see if this program is for you. Please click here to download your copy of the newest application.

Pastors and Parents:

Why would you encourage your child or a member of your youth group to participate in this program? Answer--The typical young person who applies to the Sea Hawk program is one who truly loves God. They may not have a lot of money, but they do have a heart to serve Him. In fact, when a young man or woman participates in the Sea Hawks, they are saying, "Let me take what may be the most important time of my life, a directional time that sets me on a path to make the best choices on where and how I will serve and most importantly who I will serve. Let me set everything aside and give you, God, this precious time and say to you, I am the lamb to lay down on the altar. I bring nothing but myself. Let me come without murmuring or accusation, without scar or blemish. I believe that your Word is true so let me give you my first fruit. Help me and direct me so that I will make the right choices in work, marriage, and family. May I continue to put you first, God, so all of the rest of my life may go well. I will become the seed for an increased production in the church. I'll develop a greater honor for my parents. No matter what the task, I'll rise to it and serve gratefully because I'm truly serving God, whether it be traveling the world or completing a simple task."

We are currently taking applications for the Sea Hawk Training for the next session that will start August 14, 2017. Please submit your application now for review.

Don't miss out on an awesome adventure, submit your application today!

Hear from former Sea Hawks:

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