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Opportunities of Potential Positions

The most important qualification for all available positions at Friend Ships is a willingness to work, learn, and to serve with a Godly attitude, with great flexibility and under authority.  All positions are 100% volunteer with no pay or benefits.  Room and board are provided, free of charge, while serving with Friend Ships. Positions available are subject to change according to the mission and available qualified staff.  All positions are on a "trial" basis for the first six months.

Please note that although you may be brought in to fill a particular position, circumstances may change or other opportunities may arise, making it necessary for you to fill a different role on our team.  Please come with a flexible and willing attitude!

LONG TERM POSITIONS AVAILABLE.  Please be advised that some specific positions, based on their nature and the training involved, may require a specific commitment by the staff member.  (Positions marked with an asterisk "*" will also be considered for those serving under a two month commitment):




Warehousemen*- Handle incoming/outgoing product donations. Participate in transport of incoming donations, inventory and supplies shipment preparation.  Load/Unload trucks, containers and railway cars.  Maintain clean/ organized warehouses/storage yards and current inventory. Operate forklifts and pallet jacks.  Assist in "Storehouse One" domestic food distribution operations as needed.  Some driving may be required. Will train. Reports to Supply Coordinator.

Office Manager Assistant- Answer phones, sort mail, perform data entry and other administrative tasks.  Some knowledge of computers needed.  Will train.  Reports to Office Manager.

Resource Development Assistant- Liaison with corporations regarding donation of needed products/services and purchases.  Office experience required including computer and public relations skills.  Will train. Reports to Head of Resource Development.

Graphic Artist- Design brochures, newsletters, ads, etc.  Reports to Head of Public Relations.

Supply Coordinator Assistant- Receives, organizes, stores and distributes food, clothing, medical supplies and other relief items. Experience with computers and material handling required.  Reports to Supply Coordinator.

Relief Office Staff (full-time position)- Covers various office positions when staff is on vacation or missions leave. Computer knowledge required. General office experience and public relations skills helpful. Reports to Office Manager.

Drivers-  Requires current Class B license (with air brake endorsement) and good driving record.  Transports donations, primarily of incoming food for weekly domestic distribution.  Loads/Unloads trucks and stores food.  Generally assist in all facets of "Storehouse One".  Responsible for truck maintenance and cleanliness. Reports to Director of Food Operations.

Drivers- Requires current Class A license, good driving record and experience driving tractor-trailer rigs and forklifts.  Transports donations of relief supplies. Loads/Unloads trucks.  Provides maintenance to trucks. Reports to Supply Coordinator.

Vehicle Mechanic- Maintains and repairs all organization trucks and cars.  Must be knowledgeable and experienced in vehicle repair.  Reports to Chief Port Engineer.

Housekeeper*- Responsible for cleaning in the areas allocated, including hallways, guest rooms, public areas, bathrooms, showers, mini-galley area etc. Reports to Facility Steward.

First Cook- Plans/prepare meals, oversee kitchen staff, maintains inventory, maintain high standard of cleanliness.  Commercial cooking and management experience required.  Reports to Facility Steward.

Cook- Prepare meals, maintain inventory and clean kitchen/dining spaces.   Some cooking experience required. Reports to First Cook.

Cooks' Assistant*- Wash dishes, maintain clean and well-stocked galley, and assist in meal preparation.  Reports to First  Cook.

Port Mechanic- Perform repairs and maintenance to ships undergoing restoration or in port between voyages. Engineering or mechanic experience required.  Reports to Chief Port Engineer.

Teacher- Qualified teacher to "home school" all school age children of our volunteer staff with A.C.E. curriculum. Experience required. Reports to Facility Manager.


ABOARD SHIP   (Maritime Personnel, click here for other positions available)

Boatswain- Experienced Ship's Boatswain. Must be knowledgeable and experienced in safety procedures, fire safety, supplies handling, scheduling and overseeing deck crew, training deck crew, care and supervision of all equipment and deck stores, operating cranes and handling break bulk supplies.  Reports to the First Officer.

Deckhands*- Maintains ships' decks, hulls and superstructure, load and stow supplies, moor/unmoor vessels, may stand bridge watch, may have some domestic housekeeping responsibilities.  Must be physically fit and able to perform annual labor. Will train. Reports to ship's Boatswain.

Engineers- Stand watches, perform maintenance work, perform safety procedures, inspections and other functions of engine room. Knowledge and experience as a ship's engineer required. Reports to Chief Engineer.

Junior Engineers*- Stand watches, perform maintenance work, assist engineers, maintain log books and assist in all engine room duties. May be willing to train those having good aptitude for engineering as openings permit.  Reports to Chief  Engineer.

Electrician- Maintain ship's electrical systems. Experience with commercial electrical systems, air conditioning and refrigeration required.  Knowledge of navigation electronics helpful.  Reports to Chief Engineer.

Welder*- Perform ship repairs and fabrication. Experience in welding, cutting steel plate and pipe fitting required.  Reports to Boatswain.

Deck Mechanics- Maintain and repair deck equipment, plumbing systems and ships' house equipment.  Experience with plumbing and domestic repairs required. Reports to .

Oilers*- Engine room maintenance procedures and other engine room tasks. Will train. Reports to Chief Engineer.

Wipers*- Clean engines/ engine room work spaces and perform other engine room tasks. Will train. Reports to Chief Engineer.

Chief Steward- Plans meals, oversee galley staff, oversees domestic staff, maintains inventory, maintains high standard of cleanliness. Commercial cooking and management experience required. Reports to the Captain.

First Cook- Prepare meals, oversees cooks and assistants, maintains inventory and cleanliness of galley spaces. Commercial cooking experience required. Reports to Chief Steward.

Cooks' Assistants*- Wash dishes, clean/stock galley and assist in meal preparation. Will train. Reports to First Cook.

Head Housekeeper- Oversees housekeeping staff and all cleaning, including hallways, guest rooms, public areas, restrooms, showers, mini-galley areas etc. Reports to Chief Steward.

Housekeeper*- Clean inside of the ships' houses including hallways, guest rooms, public areas, restrooms, showers, mini-galley areas, etc. Will train. Reports to Head Housekeeper.

Laundry*- Wash, dry and fold  crew and domestic laundry.  Will train. Reports to Chief Steward.

Medical*- Credentialed nurses and/or doctors to care for the needs of the crew. Must also be willing to help in other areas where needed.  Reports to Ship's Director.



Construction Worker*- Construct buildings on the Friend Ships mission site.  Prefer experience in one or more of the following:  carpentry, painting, welding, truck driving, heavy equipment operation, plumbing, and electrical. Reports to Construction Supervisor.

Mechanics- Maintain/repair automobiles, trucks, buses, diesel semi-tractors, dozers, graders, and boats. Experienced in vehicle and marine vessel repair required.

Grounds Keeper- Cuts/trims grass, trees and shrubs.  Maintains grounds.  Will train.

Heavy Equipment Operator- Operates dozers, graders, semi-tractors, dump trucks, back hoe, mowers, fire truck, fuel truck, and fork lifts.  Experienced required.

Food Service*- Assist cooks. Learn to prepare foods and drink from tropical fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the challenge of preparing meals with ingredients on hand without benefit of a store next door. Will train.

Housekeeper*- Clean floors, toilets, showers, hallways, stairways etc.  Will train.



Disaster Response- If you have training and/or experience in any area of disaster response, please let us know!

Updated February 2006