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Latest Update (July 2002)

FRIENDSHIPS “SPIRIT” AND “SPIRIT OF GRACE”- GALVESTON, TEXAS  Much work has been accomplished on “Spirit of Grace” as she is prepared for her mission to Israel.  The crew has repaired electronics, motors, engines, generators, pumps, electrical systems, cranes and other deck gear, plumbing and sanitation systems.  Much chipping, priming and painting has taken place in the engine room and on deck. Engine, safety and fire fighting training as well as orientation classes have been conducted.  Many of the crew will soon receive first aid and CPR training.  A wonderful local company tested and inspected our fire extinguishers and CO2 system.  They serviced a life raft and hydro tested and filled our SCBA air tanks.  We drove to South Carolina to retrieve a donation of $300,000 worth of bulletproof glass, received and loaded two truckloads of tarp and 400,000 pounds of corn for Spirit’s mission to Central America.  We have secured a distribution system in Guatemala for food to famine victims through a network of churches that provide food and ministry in the Camotan region, most heavily effected by the drought.  We were blessed with church teams and youth groups that came to assist both “Spirit” and “Spirit of Grace”!  


HOME BASE - GALVESTON, TEXAS  The personnel department has been very busy and we have been happy to welcome new long term crew for Spirit, Spirit of Grace and Hope with several people set to join our team in Roatan and others arriving to work at Home Base.  We have also been privileged to have many FANTASTIC teams at each facility and amazing guest workers. 

Procurement has been favored with many corporate donations. These include absorbent materials, service of forklifts, transportation of Grace engine room parts to California for servicing, weather fax, phone system, G.P.S., fuel filters for Grace engine room, steel bars and plates, flashlights, batteries, SSB, Furuno radar, water filters, two pallet jacks, clinometer, nautical software for the bridge, two pumps for Grace, accommodations for conference, deck tools, engine room tools, and an ice machine for the Spirit.

Two of our team attended an exciting C.O.C. church conference in Denver where they had an opportunity to set up a display and introduce many new people to the work of “Friend Ships”. 

The Home Base team have maintained the warehouse, created videos and new segments for our webpages as well as posters for the tradeshow and carried on all normal functions of daily life in a charity! 


STOREHOUSE ONE - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA  The Los Angeles team has been greatly assisted by almost daily youth groups who helped prepare food and supplies to be loaded aboard HOPE for delivery to Roatan.  46,000 pounds of food, freezers, chairs, and a pick up truck, a pole installation truck, and a 36-passenger air-conditioned diesel bus were prepared and loaded.  The warehouse team received donations of washers, dryers, baseball shoes, and thousands of pounds of dry goods and canned goods.  Fresh honeydew, onions, green onions, celery, corn, lettuce, grapes, spinach, salad mix, yogurt, pastries and bread have been collected and distributed through our local Los Angeles and Mexican  network of churches.  One outreach alone reported 110 decisions to follow Christ during one single week’s food distribution. 


FRIENDSHIP HOPE - AT SEA  The Lord assembled a great team to prepare Hope to sail from Seattle to Los Angeles to Honduras and onto Galveston.  Crew came from Sweden, Canada, California, Washington, Texas and Arizona.  Wonderful friends gave us needed fuel, electronic, safety gear, batteries, food and even an incredible shore boat in fantastic condition! We   have a new SSB with GPS capability that gives Hope worldwide communication.  A new Furuno radar gives the ship a total of three radars and along with her sonar system to see beneath the water as well as above, this gives her exceptional “eyes”. Hope is on her way to be refitted for her new service as part of the Lord’s navy.

IN ADDITION “Angel of Hope”, Hope’s helicopter, was flown in from Florida by George Mott. This new four  place helicopter is faster than a Bell jet, air-conditioned and is now being refit with the latest navigation system. An inflatable landing apparatus for water and an infrared heat device to search for people lost in a disaster, are being installed. “Angel of Mercy” will be an incredible addition to God’s navy and comes with maintenance, fuel and helicopter pilots! This is a very, very special gift from a very, very special group. We thank you Jesus, over and over. 


“FRIEND SHIPS VILLAGE” - ROATAN, HONDURAS  The "Village" at Mutiny Bay is being created to offer multi-faceted relief and development programs over the course of our 25 year commitment.  This will include missions outreach, educational programs, youth activities and disaster relief.

TODAY: Presently, we are in a construction phase and the mighty Friend Ships team in Roatan continue to cut and grade new roads, tile floors, install water drainage systems and warehouse racks.  Our bulldozer and operator visited the neighboring community of Punta Gorda where we cut a large flat shelve on top of a steep hill. This is in preparation for a water tank installation that will enable the people in that area to have a secure ongoing supply of water for the first time ever! On the way down the hill, we had the opportunity to flatten an area for an elderly woman to build her new home. 

The garden and farm continue to produce eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, parsley and green onions.  We have carried out weekly evangelism outreaches and “beanie baby” distributions to schools and the local orphanage.  We were blessed to have a wonderful church team join our ranks from southern California. They worked with great diligence on retaining walls, painting, laying rock foundation, pruning, housekeeping, tiling bedroom floors, baking cookies, creating cool drinks, and sorting clothes. AND even found time to help bring into the world our newest crewmember, Madeline Tipton Simmons!


NEEDS:  This month our greatest needs are:  

1. Victory in the Roatan garden (we are battling bugs, crabs and too much rain). We are praying the Lord would supply us a pair of anteaters to breed and some incredible staff to assist in the greenhouse; people with an exceptional desire to grow large green thumbs! 

2. Favor with Honduras immigration that has decided to charge all our “foreigners” expensive monthly visa fees.

3. Staff to operate our “art school” for single Moms to produce souvenirs to sell.

4. Fuel and just the right supplies for the mission to Israel.

5. Fuel and remaining supplies for the mission to Guatemala.

6. Boxcars to bring equipment and supplies from Los Angeles to Galveston.

7. A financial break- through for our ongoing expenses.

8. Divine health for a few of our staff who are struggling with challenges in this area. 

Thanks!  We love you and appreciate you more than you will know! 

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Updated August, 2002