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We Thank you for your help during Hurricane Mitch!

Dear Friends:

Spirit of GraceThe recent hurricane that ravaged Central America was devastating to millions of people. But we are blessed to be able to report that because of the overwhelming response we received, Friend Ships is able to send "Spirit of Grace" with a massive amount of assistance! The ship is sailing loaded with thousands of tons of food, clothes, water, medicine, medical supplies and emergency supplies!

The estimated value of the supplies is $8,229,200.00! There are millions of pounds of water, food, including rice, beans, pasta, juice, corn and canned food, a well drilling rig, 800,000 pieces of clothing, including tens of thousands brand new shirts and pairs of shoes. There are truckloads of lumber and thousands of hand tools. We have equipment and supplies to set up feeding centers in the most damaged areas.

This aid will go directly to people affected by the hurricane in the Bay Islands and on the North (Atlantic) Coast of Honduras. We will reach into those areas receiving the least aid. Because of your assistance, we were able to gather this great amount of life sustaining help in just a few short weeks.

This, our combined effort with many relief organizations, hundreds of corporations and thousands of individuals, is the largest civilian response to this disaster, to date. Because we worked together, each doing our part, we will literally touch hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of lives.

We want to express to you our great appreciation on behalf of the people of Central America for your compassion, your charity, your heart and your spirit. By sustaining Friend Ships with your prayers, your love, financial support and all the wonderful supplies we received, you make it possible for us to respond to emergency and disaster situations. In the weeks to come, we will be posting follow up reports, so that you can see for yourselves all that your tremendous generosity has produced. Thanks again for being a part of the great effort.  Please take heart in this wonderful success story!  It is a beautiful demonstration of the love of God, making all possible and motivating men to love our neighbor who is very much in need.

Love, Don, Sondra, Ray and the entire Friend Ships crew

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