Haiti Base:

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HAITI VIDEO: Since the earthquake in Haiti last January, Friend Ships has been responding with supplies and services. This video details our efforts there.

In August, Integrity delivered the sixth shipload of goods to Haiti earthquake victims. This time it was a wonderful load of pre-fabricated homes built and contributed by Christ in Action. The Sea Hawk team that had been stationed outside of Port-au-Prince since February returned to Port Mercy for graduation from their program and another Friend Ships team took their place. Integrity has now sailed to home base to stand by for hurricane relief. The small but able staff that remains now in Haiti continue to distribute goods as opportunities arise while Samaritan's Purse partners with us to complete building and placing the vinyl and wood homes we have been constructing.

Recently, there was a cholera outbreak and we were able to respond with bottled drinking water, collapsible water jugs and water purification chemicals to help with this issue.

Haiti Rice   Haiti Child Rescue Organization

One organization with whom we work is caring for children rescued from slavery and we have been able to provide food, clothing and other commodities to assist with their efforts. Our construction supervisor designed and built a prototype for a simple to construct vinyl cot that is now being duplicated by this organization and others as it is low-cost, comfortable, quick to build, easy to build and on top of all else-washable!

In November, we worked with Global Missions to send 2-40' containers by commercial ship to various orphanages throughout Haiti. The Lord has already providing building materials and 60,000 pounds of rice for this shipment!


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