Girl from Outreach in Honduras.

To give a child a little something to eat, 
And maybe some shoes to put on his feet. 

To put a smile on that little, dirty face, 
And some of his despair I want to erase. 

To hold his hand and give him a hug, 
To somehow let him know, in this life, he is loved. 

For little one, I know the loneliness you feel, 
The sadness of your heart, I know itís so real. 

So reach out, little one, and take my hand, you donít have to be afraid. 
Iíll feed you, clothe you, love you and help you find your way. 

I know you prayed for someone who sees and feels your plight. 
In me, your prayers are answered. I promise for you Iíll fight. 

Never again will you feel lonely or have sadness in your heart, 
Only joy and happiness, because today you get a brand new start. 

George Mott 
May 2002 

This represents the feelings of the entire GemTech Medical staff and our commitment to helping hurting people. Our goal is to feed, clothe, and educate as many men, women, and children across the world as we possible can. We help support a charity called Friendships, a large-scale humanitarian aid organization that reaches people in need through use of large ships named "Spirit" and "Spirit of Grace". Please visit their website:

George Mott created the Garment to help hurting patients. Profits from the sales of the "Mott Garment" go to help the hungry at home and abroad. By purchasing A Mott Garment, you, too, will be helping hurting people across the globe! 

Please visit their website: Please visit their website: