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Volunteer Application

For those interested in joining Friend Ships for a short or a long period of time.

This could be from a few days to a couple of weeks, several months or many years. 

This application is for all opportunities of service, including the CMT (Crew Missions Training Program), On-Call Medical Volunteers, Disaster Response Volunteers, Maritime Licensed Personnel and opportunities for a specific outreach/mission. 

Volunteer Application

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Friend Ships "Port Mercy"
Attention: Personnel Department
1019 North First Avenue
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601 U.S.A.
Tel: (337) 433-5022 FAX: (337) 433-3433


This is the current procedure for becoming a volunteer with Friend Ships:

1. Download the complete "Volunteer Application." Fill out all necessary paperwork included in the application. Mail it to Friend Ships, Attn.: Personnel Department: 1019 North First Avenue, Lake Charles, LA 70601. Submit the Pastor's Reference Evaluation Form to the Pastor of the church you are presently attending and ask him or her to return it to us under separate cover. If you are applying for 2 months or more please submit the Employer's Reference Evaluation Form to a current or recent employer and ask him or her to return it to us under separate cover.

2. The leadership at Friend Ships will prayerfully review your application after all related paperwork has been received. This process may vary, depending on each applicant. Note: The length of time on the application process depends on how soon all of the necessary paperwork is returned.

3. You may be asked to attend an interview if you live near our home office. If not, you will be interviewed by phone.

4. Evaluation period: When you come to volunteer at Friend Ships, the first six months are set aside as an evaluation period. During that time, we ask that you continue to pray and seek the Lord for His guidance and for what length of time you should commit to after your evaluation period.

5. After successful completion of the evaluation period, you will be invited to make a commitment for an additional period of time. Please be advised that some specific positions, based on their nature and the training involved, may require a long-term commitment.

  Our work week is Monday through Saturday, with the exception of our staff over 55, who do have optional Saturdays off. Note: please be advised that at times this may not be applicable. We generally begin our day early with Morning Refreshing (devotional). Typical work hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Depending on the job you are assigned to and the current needs, work hours and schedules may change.


Please be prepared to return home at your own expense if that should be necessary for any reason. Room and board are provided free of charge while serving with Friend Ships. There is no pay whatsoever. Some of the most important qualities in a successful relationship with Friend Ships are:
  * Love of God
* Obedience to authority
* A servant's heart
* Flexibility
* A positive, willing attitude
* Trust in God

Great commitment, spiritual and emotional maturity are required. Your location and duty preferences will be taken into consideration, but because of the nature of our work and the needs of the organization, shifting between facilities and departments often becomes necessary. Our work frequently takes us to war-torn, famine or disease stricken areas. You may be asked to travel to and work in such dangerous environments. Please remain open and flexible in all circumstances.