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Jerusalem Call BannerJERUSALEM CALL: November 9th & 10th we will be hosting here in Lake Charles the Jerusalem Call event. We look forward to an important, educational and inspiring conference. Our speakers will include Israeli officials and US leaders who stand boldly for Israel every day. They will brief us on the current situation in the region and suggest ways we can stand strong with our friend and ally. For more information please visit you may RSVP and reserve your seats. Please try to attend! There is no charge. Read more>>>Spirit Ship at first sightCURRENT UPDATE: Friday, October 2nd, Friend Ships hosted our 30 year anniversary as a ministry! All week long, friends, former crew members and Sea Hawks arrived and pitched in to help us prepare for the upcoming medical mission in January. It was so good to see old friends and have the benefit of their great skills and fellowship. On the night of the party, we had a grand celebration attended by crew members from our very first team in 1985 and spanning people who had worked with us throughout the decades. The evening started off with a scrumptious dinner of brisket prepared by our awesome food service team. Then, Ron Dupuis and his fantastic band lifted the atmosphere in worship. Finally, we had an open microphone as one person after another told us stories of how they came to the ministry, how the Lord answered prayer and how blessed they and others were because of their service. It was an incredible night. Thanks so much to all who participated! Maybe we shouldn't wait 30 years to host another celebration!

Today we continue to carry out this vision, having many miles under our feet. As we celebrate, there are two undeniable facts that eclipse all else. First, the Lord has and continues to amazingly, supernaturally, graciously and lovingly provide immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. We have been able to accomplish and be a part of more incredible events that we would ever have been able to dream. And through it all, our God has been there, never letting us down, always challenging us but always, always being there for us... Read more>>>
TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR SEA HAWKS: Call now or email to see if you receiving applications for the August 31st intake, please email or contact us if you are applying.  For more information about the Sea Hawks and to download the application, click here>>>
FREE EBOOKS NOW AVAILABLE: Friend Ships has made available four E-books for free download at Smashwords. "Why Give" is a review of the many scriptures in the Bible that tell us how God wants us to respond to the needs of the poor, what He Himself does for them and what rewards there are for this service. "How to Provide Food for People in Need" gives guidance on starting and operating a food distribution program, detailing what we have learned in our thirty years of collecting food and distributing it here in the U.S. "From Jesus With Love" is a basic introduction to relief missions for youth and "Ready Response" outlines possibilities and what to consider when taking a team to help in the Part 2, Jesus & Companyaftermath of a disaster. We hope these books will be a blessing and encouragement to people who would like to work in relief missions. By Don & Sondra Tipton AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: We have "Jesus & Co., Part 1" and The "Jesus & Co., Part 2" Books or audio available to purchase. For more information and how to order, click here>>>

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  • Disaster Response
  • Helping hands
  • Transportation
  • Haiti Mission
  • Hurricane Rita Relief
  • Honduras Mission
  • Baptizing
  • Medical Missions
  • Helicopter - First Response
  • Flood Relief
  • Divine Wind
  • Hope - Medical Missions
  • West Indies Missions
  • Africa Mission
  • Port Mercy Team
  • Sea Hawks - Haiti
  • Earthquake Relief - Sea Hawks
  • Sailing
  • Food Services
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  • Serving Families
  • Hurricane Response
  • Sailing on Divine Wind
  • Fishing at Sea
  • Distribution Teams
  • Door to Door Ministry
  • At Sea - Divine Wind
  • Sea Hawks - Training
  • Emergency Training
  • Self Defense Training
  • Bible Study
  • Overseas Missions
  • Medical Missions
  • Delivering Food Supplies
  • Haiti Mission
  • The Pearl

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